In case you missed it: Oregon-Fitchburg rail line gets reactivated


Disclaimer: The following text was taken from the Fitchburg Star Newspaper website. This content is not my writing, nor am i suggesting any ownership of it.

“Freight trains will begin operating this month on the rail line that runs through Fitchburg. It will be the first time since 1997 that a freight hauler has used the line.

The Common Council on Sept. 23 approved a temporary licensing agreement with Wisconsin & Southern Railroad so the company can begin using the rail line this fall.

The line is being activated so that Lycon Inc., which last year built a Ready Mix Concrete plant in Oregon’s Alpine Business Park, can get deliveries of aggregate via rail as opposed to large over-the-road trucks.”

For more information, please click here.

With Wisconsin’s Transportation network being pulled in many directions, re-opening the rail like for a specific set of time with a specific number of rail cars, we are safeguarding our roadways while also supporting economic development.



In Case You Missed It: Unified Newspaper Group adds Fitchburg Star

Disclaimer: The following text was pulled straight from the Fitchburg Star Newspaper website and can be viewed here. This content is not my writing, nor am i suggesting any ownership of it. I simply want folks to stay involved in their community as it continues to change and evolve.


“Unified Newspaper Group, the publisher of the Stoughton Courier Hub, Verona Press and Oregon Observer, has added a new print publication to its stable of community newspapers.

The Fitchburg Star is a new, independent newspaper covering Fitchburg and a companion to the existing website. It will take the place of the city newsletter that preceded it, the Fitchburg Update, and it begins with a monthly publishing schedule.

In its initial year, it will be mailed free to every household and business in the city in a cooperative effort with the City of Fitchburg. City leaders, community groups, and former readers and advertisers have been pushing to regain an independent editorial voice in the community ever since the previous version of the Star ceased publication in September 2009.

Eventually, the Fitchburg Star will transition to a subscriber-based weekly model for long-term stability, but its contract with the city runs through 2014, comprising 10 monthly issues of the Fitchburg Star, each delivered to more than 12,600 businesses and residents. It will be published the second Friday of each month.

Other than this unusual setup and our initial monthly frequency, the Star will be similar to the Hub and our other community weekly newspapers, the Verona Press and Oregon Observer. It will feature coverage of city government, business, local sports, features and upcoming events, as well as highlights of our coverage of the Verona Area School District  and Oregon School District – both of which include parts of the city – with coverage of all Fitchburg schools.

The previous version of the Fitchburg Star had been published continuously in various forms since 1976, well before Fitchburg became a city in 1983. UNG continued to maintain its website, and the city increased publication of its UNG-produced Fitchburg Update newsletter from quarterly to every two months.

City leaders and community groups approached UNG several times since 2009 about publishing a newspaper in Fitchburg, but it was not feasible until UNG proposed the elimination of the Fitchburg Update, meaning the two products would not compete for ad revenue.

The agreement, which came out of meetings between UNG general manager David Enstad, Mayor Shawn Pfaff, Ald. Steve Arnold and city staff, will nearly double the postage costs to about $30,000 by making the publication monthly. Alders debated the proposal in November and included it in their 2014 budget.

The city and UNG have been finalizing details of their contractual arrangement in recent weeks.

Though the contract could be renewed for all or part of 2015, UNG plans to convert the Star into a subscriber-based weekly model like its other newspapers.

Details of the timing and manner of that transition have yet to be determined and will depend on interest from potential subscribers and advertisers. It’s not clear whether the paper would immediately switch to weekly publication.

UNG will produce the Star using the same newsgathering staff, including editor Jim Ferolie, but will increase coverage all around, including at local schools.

Unified Newspaper Group is part of Woodward Community Media, a division of Woodward Communications Inc., based in Dubuque, Iowa”.

What do you think of this investment by the City of Fitchburg?

Common Council Meeting on Park Alternative

The City of Fitchburg Common Council will be meeting tonight at 7:00pm at City Hall to take action on the Nine Springs Golf Course Preferred Park Plan Alternative.

Have you seen the alternative plans?

Click here and you will find an image of the proposed changes, which include:

A community gathering area, social gathering area, disc golf, golf related activities, trail, play equipment, soccer field, a second park area, a second play equipment area, a basketball court, an ecological education and conservation area, a fitness area, a general open area, a sand volleyball court, and a second general community area.

My first question would be- how much is this going to cost? If the issue is in fact that the City of Fitchburg annuals allocates $25,000 on continuing the Golf Course- then why are we spending so much on these redundant changes and plans?

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 4.15.15 PM

McKee Farms Park is 1.7 miles away from the Nine Springs Golf Course. This alternative plan is duplicative and a waste of Taxpayer dollars. As thoughtful stewards of our taxes, I would hope the City of Fitchburg realizes this alternative is a waste of money and poor planning for the future.

The Park Commission will hold a Public Hearing on March 6th to discuss the Park Master Plan document and the Preferred Park Option.

What do you think of the alternative?  Please attend and express your thoughts and comments to our Fitchburg representatives. Click here to find your Common Council Representatives contact information.

Wisconsin Women in Government Leadership Seminar

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.50.07 PMI was honored to be chosen for the Wisconsin Women in Government Leadership Seminar. This professional development and management training seminar aims to promote women who work in the public sector. The seminar is half way through, and I have to say it is thoughtful and enlightening.

Truthfully, I was inspired to participate after reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In- Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”. Sandberg points out that, a “truly equal world would be one where women ran half of our countries and companies and men ran half of our homes”. As a young female in government, I can certainly relate to that thought. She, and I, are neither advocating that any one path for women in our society is better than others- merely that the United States has yet to achieve that truly equal footing between men and women that Betty Friedan argued for in the Feminine Mystique .

Legendary investor Warren Buffett has stated that the one of the reasons for his success in business, is that he was only competing with half of the population. Sandberg’s thoughtfully argues that conditions for all women will improve when there are more women in leadership roles giving a strong and powerful voice to their needs and concerns. That,  “if we can succeed and adding more female voices of high-level we will expand opportunities and extend fair treatment to all.”

This book was refreshing, honest and a reminder to continue pushing forward and fighting for what we believe in.

 For more information on Wisconsin Women in Government, please click here.


In case you missed it: Slush fund puts Fitchburg fire officials in the hot seat

In case you missed it: The Wisconsin State Journal wrote an article titled, “Slush fund puts Fitchburg fire officials in the hot seat”. See the link below for more information.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.43.32 AM

Parks Commission Meeting

last night

Parks near Nine Springs Golf Course

Just a quick note today- below you will find a graphic highlighting the 11 other parks in less than a mile radius of the Nine Springs Golf Course. In addition to the number of parks in the area, this proposal would end nearly 40 years of a community resource just to make room for another.

The information was taken from Google Maps. As always, you are welcome to call or email me with questions.

Nine Springs Map


Save Nine Springs Golf Course

Nine Springs

Harriman Announces Run For Fitchburg Common Council

Lifelong Fitchburgian Advocates for Responsibility in Protecting Community’s Future  

[Fitchburg, Wis.] – Advocating for protecting and improving the future of Fitchburg, Amy Harriman announced today that she is running for a seat on the Common Council in the 2nd district.

“As a lifelong Fitchburgian, the issues we face as a community have always been significant to me,” said Harriman. “Being a new voice on the Common Council would allow me the opportunity to tackle those issues first hand to make Fitchburg a better place to live, work and raise a family.“

Harriman emphasized public safety, as well as economic and recreational development as essential aspects to the success of Fitchburg’s future.

“Investing in these areas will help bring back the biggest return to the community. We will achieve that by bringing people together on common ground for a greater future.”

Harriman, born and raised in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, graduated from Verona High School in 2005. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with degrees in Political Science and Fine Art.

“I look forward to reaching out to my fellow Fitchburgians over the next several months talking about issues that affect our family, homes and businesses.”



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